What Beyti Cares About

Beyti is one of the largest producers of milk, juice, and yogurt products in Egypt. As a leader in the Egyptian market, Beyti is embedding sustainability within its operations. To this end, Beyti has established an environmental and sustainability function responsible for managing sustainability companywide.

Caring for People
Protecting the Planet
Producing responsible products

Management Message

Message From Beyti

In Beyti, we remain committed to the highest sustainability standards by implementing continued measures to achieve our sustainable development goals. Our Commitment towards sustainability relies on our 3Ps (People – Planet – Product).

Environmental Performance

Beyti is committed to minimizing its negative impact on the environment. Its activities have direct and indirect environmental impacts, and it can play a key role in combatting global issues such as climate change. Beyti has an environmental policy that sets out the company’s commitment to support and preserve the environment in which it operates, responding to its key environmental impact areas as a business.


The facility covers over 91,500 square meters where we operate a solar plant whose capacity is 7.6 MWp. It is the biggest grid connected to a solar plant in Egypt's food and beverage sector with the panels supplying 20-30% of our plant energy consumption.


There is Localization of 67% of our raw & packaging materials and 290 Tons of plastic waste is avoided annually starting 2022.

Community Engagement

We are helping more than 100 farmers’ families, with small & medium farms, along with 11 milk collecting centers from which we source around 250,000 tons of milk annually. 

Employee Development

Beyti issued its code of conduct and set up a system for employees to report issues related to corruption, racism, and violations of the code. All management and supervisory employees now have customized performance objectives and access to leadership and development programs and e-learning courses. In 2021, Beyti had zero reported incidents of discrimination because of robust employee engagement systems.

Health and Safety

In 2021, Beyti completed the fourth phase of the fire trace system project to cover all electrical panels in the plant, which is one of many commitments to protect employees through enhanced health and safety practices. Beyti is proud to have been certified to OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety certification, which signifies its commitment to maintaining the highest standards of health and safety.